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What is the cancer test?

Oncotype DX

Chemotherapy or not Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer



* This test is only available for countries: Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay and Dominican Republic
Chemotherapy or not Chemotherapy for Invasive Breast Cancer in Early Stage

Oncotype DX

If you were recently diagnosed with early stage invasive breast cancer with estrogen receptor positive (ER +).

What is the Oncotype DX cancer test?

If you were recently diagnosed with early stage invasive breast cancer with estrogen receptor positive (ER +), you will evaluate the therapeutic options with your doctor *. Your treatment plan may include the option of adjuvant chemotherapy (chemo) in addition to hormone therapy. Choosing the optimal treatment to treat your breast cancer is extremely important and you should weigh the risks and benefits of chemotherapy with your doctor in order to make the right decision for you.

When considering the best adjuvant therapeutic option for early stage breast cancer, the doctor usually takes into account their age, general health, personal circumstances, the size and degree of the tumor and if the lymph nodes are compromised. By examining the biology of your tumor cells, the Oncotype DX test can provide valuable information to those factors. The Oncotype DX test can help both your doctor and yourself to make a more informed and personalized decision about the need to undergo chemotherapy, based on additional information on the specific biology of your cancer.

The Oncotype DX test is a diagnostic test that analyzes the individual biology of a breast cancer tumor by examining the activity of 21 genes in the tumor tissue. The results of the analysis are poured into a formula that gives a result of the Recurrence Score®. The result of the Recurrence Score is a number between 0 and 100 that indicates the probability that the breast cancer will reappear 10 years after the diagnosis and, what is even more important, the probability that the chemotherapy will be beneficial.

Because the Oncotype DX test is performed on a small portion of the tissue removed during the original surgery (needle biopsy, breast lumpectomy, or mastectomy), you do not need to undergo surgeries or additional procedures to get tested.

Since it became available in 2004, nearly 750,000 Oncotype breast cancer screenings have been requested in more than 90 countries. The Oncotype DX test was studied and approved in 14 independent studies involving more than 4,000 patients with invasive breast cancer.

The Oncotype DX test has been carried out in Latin America since 2006 and its use is booming. The test can be paid by yourself or your health insurance, if you have one. You are advised to always contact the insurer first.

* Surgeon or oncologist

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Oncotype DX

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What is the Oncotype DX cancer test?


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