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Provide an assessment of tumor aggressiveness based on the patient’s unique genomic profile.



Decipher Biopsy and Decipher Post-Op

Provide an assessment of tumor aggressiveness based on the patient’s unique genomic profile.

Decipher Biopsy

Is indicated for men with localized prostate cancer after biopsy diagnosis.

Decipher biopsy analysis is the most accurate way to determine the aggressiveness of prostate cancer and assess personal risk of metastasis. Using genome technology of last generation, the analysis provides valuable information for you and your doctor, this allows you to make more informed decisions about the next steps in the control of prostate cancer.

Decipher Post-Op

Is indicated for men after prostate removal surgery.
The test indicates what are the chances that the cancer will spread beyond the prostate area (metastasis).Decipher classifies most patients at high or low risk to help determine what steps should be followed after the prostate has been removed (radical prostatectomy).

These studies allow stratify patients into more accurate risk groups to better determine which patients will likely benefit from additional treatment and which will not, thereby enabling improved decision-making and helping low-risk patients avoid unnecessary treatments that have serious adverse side effects and result in unnecessary costs to the healthcare system.

Estudios recientes demostraron que los tests Decipher pueden predecir la agresividad de la enfermedad de manera más precisa que Studies of thousands of patients from leading cancer centers, published in multiple peer-reviewed journals, demonstrate that the Decipher tests can more accurately predict disease aggressiveness than traditional clinical measures, such as PSA and Gleason score.

About GenomeDx Biosciences

The GenomeDx mission is to reimagine the use of genomic information to transform and improve cancer patient care.
By analyzing large amounts of complex data, GenomeDx is developing tools that simplify the way patient care is managed. We’re increasing the efficiency of practice management, optimizing decision-making related to patient care, and improving outcomes for our patients.
Through the capture, analysis and exchange of genomic information, GenomeDx is working to change the way cancer is understood.

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