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Is the most accurate blood test for predicting aggressive prostate cancer.

Helps in selecting or identifying men who have aggressive prostate cancer and are most likely to benefit from the prostate biopsy.


Optimizes the prostate cancer pathway.

Testing of PSA levels

Currently the early detection of prostate cancer occurs under the test of PSA levels, which fails to distinguish in detail between prostate cancer and other less serious conditions, causing many men to undergo unnecessary biopsies. About 80% of biopsies per year in the United States do not detect prostate cancer, or they detect a cancer of low risk.


It is the most accurate blood test to predict the aggressiveness of prostate cancer, helping to reduce unnecessary biopsies by assessing the level of risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer. In this way the patient and his doctor will be able to decide if it is possible to avoid an unnecessary biopsy and its adjacent pain and complications such as hemorrhages and infections that can result from them.

By applying an algorithm that includes:

It helps select or identify men who have Aggressive Prostate Cancer and would benefit most from a biopsy by applying an algorithm that includes:

  • Total PSA,
  • free PSA,
  • intact PSA
  • hK2

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Optimizes the prostate cancer pathway, allowing for more accurate and focused patient care.

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In addition to patient clinical information, 4Kscore optimizes the path of prostate cancer care, allowing it to focus on the care of high-risk patients and avoiding excessive treatments in the low-risk patients, which can be monitored with less invasive tests.

4Kscore has undergone extensive clinical research and laboratory validations. The biomarkers used are based on nearly a decade of research for over 10,000 patients. The results have recently been replicated in double-blind clinical trials conducted in 26 urological centers across the United States with 1012 patients. These studies showed that between 30% and 58% of biopsies are avoidable using 4Kscore.


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